TORONTO TRIP (2023-2024)

Back again for another round! In November, 100 of our club and exec team members travelled down to Toronto to reboot our annual Toronto Trip! This year, we expanded our firm roster, visiting different hospitals and tech/eng firms, while exploring different career pathways in the STEM field and creating opportunities to n network and create further connections with our community. 


Our EDI training consists of interactive activities that tackle each of the 4 pillars: privilege, intersectionality, bias, and allyship. In February, we facilitated this training for the SSSC to equip the team with important life lessons and knowledge that would take them a step further in practicing inclusivity and equity!

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TORONTO TRIP (2022-2023)

In November, 80 of our club members and exec team headed down to Toronto for our first in-person trip since 2019! We visited different research, healthcare, and tech/eng firms, learned about different career pathways in the STEM field, and networked with company representatives.

SUTURE CLINIC (2022-2023)

Our first ever suture clinic hosted by the Trinity School of Medicine! Members became more savvy with different suturing techniques and got to hear about the amazing opportunities this accredited Medical School has to offer.

TORONTO TRIP (2020-2021)

In our annual Toronto trip, Women in STEM attend career panels with company representatives, gain insight on their current projects and past achievements, network with industry professionals, ask questions, and submit their resumes to be considered for future summer internships!

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TORONTO TRIP (2019-2020)